Things to Look Out for If You Smell Sewer Gas

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A consequence of the natural decomposition of human faeces is sewer gas. It is made up of a variety of gases, such as ammonia and hydrogen sulfide. The characteristic rotten egg smell of sewage gas is caused by hydrogen sulfide. At low concentrations, sewer gas is not always harmful. Sewage gas poisoning symptoms, however, might arise from prolonged exposure or exposure at higher concentrations.

Reasons why your house smells like sewer gas

Sewer gas leak protection is a feature of many modern plumbing systems. A sewage gas smell in your home might have a few different reasons, most of which are related to plumbing issues.


You should be careful about leaks if you are worried whether can sewer gas cause an explosion? You could be exposed to sewer gas if your plumbing system leaks as a result of misaligned vents or pipes. Plumbing vents that are placed too near windows or air intakes may also allow sewer gas to seep into your home. Sometimes foundation weaknesses allow septic system leaks from surrounding homes to seep into your house. Call professionals like Trenchless Solutions to fix the leaks.

Broken Pipes:

The purpose of reinforced sewer system pipes is to shield your home’s interior from human waste byproducts, according to sewer experts. Sewer gas can seep through damaged, cracked, or broken pipes and into your house.

Clogged Pipes:

Similar to air vents, drains are in charge of transferring hazardous waste via the septic system. Sewage backups can occur if objects that should not have been flushed or poured down the drain become clogged. The clog may continue to break down and release sewage gas back into your home if this backup is left untreated and causes sewer glass explosions.

Loose Toilets:

A crucial component of your home’s sewage system is the toilet. Toilets should always be securely linked to sewage lines to prevent gas leaks from the pipes.

Once the leak’s origin has been identified, schedule an inspection with a plumber. Vent or let some fresh air into your house while you wait for the inspection. Make sure the plumbing air vents and drains are kept clean.

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